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The Shakes
The Shakes


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One of the most raucous bands playing around L.A. a few years ago, the Shakes also played one of the most stunning song sets. On tunes like the angst-ridden take on romance Got A Date and the frenetic Love Star, they were melodic, yet emotionally and sonically raw. When the Shakes disbanded, they were sorely missed. A lengthy hiatus was followed by some sporadic, uneven shows, but now the Shakes are back with a vengeance, guitarist/vocalist Peter Gilabert and bassist/backing vocalist ,. Theyve got new instant classics like Emotional Prostitute and the nonstop heavy pop of Shining On You to go along with the old favorites, as well as a terrific cover of the Flamin Groovies Shake Some Action. (Gwynne Garfinkle)



I tried both the shakes and
the protein powder, but found the shakes to be more satisfying.



Ill follow every game you play, the Shakes Pete Gilabert sings cheerfully during Got A Date before slipping in an almost-unnoticed, poison-dipped punch line: because Im kind of dumb that way. Such plucky masochism is masked by Gilaberts clear-voiced, British Invasion/Hoodoo Gurus/Alex Chilton-style garage-pop melodies on other apparently exuberant songs like Here She Comes Again and Love Star, but its his underlying intelligence and cynicism that exile the Shakes from the often saccharine Poptopia clique. Gilaberts spent much of the last year in and out of rehab, burning bridges to once-sympathetic friends, being homeless and generally doing the kinds of evil rock & roll things that pop-revival geeks only read about, so its a nice, unexpected surprise that hes alive/recovering/playing again with bassist Janet Housden (ex-Redd Kross) in the terminally under appreciated Shakes. (Falling James)

Sometimes only a genius can recognize another genius. Leave it to the Shakes, whove whipped up so many delicious garage-pop confections of their own, to rescue the inner song buried in Britney Spears mechanized, overly produced hit single Oops!I Did It Again. Combining the originals maddeningly insidious melody with a 60s fop-rock arrangement cleverly cribbed from the Kinks Sunny Afternoon, Shakes lead singer Pete Gilabert and bassist-vocalist Janet Housden have concocted a transcendently ephemeral, pure-pop guilty pleasure on their new demo CD. (Falling James)



My son is coming off drugs and has the shakes.

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